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Questions To Ask When Looking For A New
Family Chiropractor

 Brantford Family Chiropractor

Questions to ask about the chiropractic treatment program:

  • What is the chiropractor’s typical practice pattern or treatment program?
  • What services does the chiropractor offer? Some [Brantford family] chiropractors offer additional services such as massage, exercise instruction, rehabilitation and strength training, and nutritional counselling.

What is the chiropractor’s recommendation if the treatment doesn’t seem to help? A good family chiropractor will recommend that the patient consult another practitioner if these or other methods of treatment (such as medications or surgery) are indicated.

It is advisable to avoid practitioners who tend to find the same thing wrong with every patient and treat every patient identically. Also, beware of any chiropractor recommending a lengthy (e.g. 3-, 6-, or 12-month) treatment plan after one or two consultations.

Questions to ask about chiropractic training and education:

  • From which chiropractic school did the chiropractor graduate?
  • Does he or she have a bachelor’s degree?
  • Where did he or she complete undergraduate/prerequisite schooling?
  • How many years has the chiropractor been in practice?
  • Does the chiropractor have a post-graduate specialty? 

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Common F.A.Q

Is it OK to crack my own neck or back?

To summarize, joint motion is good. Popping your knuckles or any joint is not bad for you. Here's the caveat; anything to excess is not good. It does not cause arthritis. If anything it can cause hyper-mobility, which is joints that move too much. If done in moderation and by a trained expert it can actually have good effects.

Moving the joints improve nutrient exchange, maintains range of motion, and can reduce capsular pressure.

Let me address popping your own joints.  A Chiropractor will assess specific joints, find restrictions and adjust them sometimes getting a pop.  If you try to adjust yourself you will likely end up getting some popping sounds somewhere, but you will probably only get temporary relief, if any at all and it will likely not address the segment that is causing the problem. You could also make things worse.


How do you crack your lower back? Is it OK?

The sounds made by joint cavitation (i.e., cracking your back) occurs due to a cavity formation within the joint when joint surfaces are separated. The goal of manipulation clinically is to restore normal joint motion/integrity. It's been shown to decrease pain through peripheral and centrally mediated mechanisms. When individuals attempt to "crack their own backs", they are typically hearing sounds of joints that already move well. The hypomobile joints, the joint(s) not moving well, and many times the joints causing symptoms (pain, stiffness), cannot be readily moved by active stretching/movement and therefore best done by a trained professional.

(Source: Quora)


For a family chiropractor, make sure to ask appropriate questions regarding their experience and training working with patients of all age groups that make up your family including children, elderly, and any pregnant women as pregnancy will require highly adapted techniques to ensure the baby's safety.

Our goal is to become your Brantford family chiropractor of choice that you can trust with your family's health and confidently recommend to all your other family members and friends.




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