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A little about the video

what i have known is not know by any person that is not in the ARK.

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  1. Vik
    Vik 9 months ago

    People who don't have a conscience are called psychopaths.

  2. Kalkis
    Kalkis 9 months ago

    Yeah, this test was really insightful. LOL

  3. Yozshurisar
    Yozshurisar 9 months ago

    No problems, I probably didn?t make that clear enough.

  4. Spank rock mos
    Zululrajas 8 months ago

    And what's your opinion?

  5. Spank rock mos
    Kagaramar 8 months ago

    Values opposed to blasphemy?

  6. Знакомства
    Muzil 8 months ago

    WOW-do YOU ever seem overly delicate.

  7. Spank rock mos
    Goltilabar 8 months ago

    I just asked why he was a skullbody.

  8. Arashim
    Arashim 7 months ago

    Well, they could be Russian gumballs.

  9. Знакомства
    Mazuzil 7 months ago

    We should start with national reciprocity for CCP.

  10. Tum
    Tum 7 months ago

    Infinty zeroes before the 1.

  11. Spank rock mos
    JoJohn 7 months ago

    Dawkins is a biologist.

  12. Daibar
    Daibar 7 months ago

    Nobody said it was, you lil stable genius.

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Spank rock mos
Spank rock mos
Spank rock mos
Spank rock mos